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The Benefits Of Chimney Cleaning
Selling your home is a big journey, but it doesn't end with accepting an offer. Unless your buyer is paying in cash, the lender is going to want to make sure that the house is worth the price that you’ve agreed on- and a home appraiser is the one who’ll come check out your house and make that decision. If the appraiser thinks that your house isn't worth the agreed-upon price, the lender won't give your buyer the full funding, and the deal might fall through. With so much on the line, how can you impress this home appraiser? Not with some flowers or chocolates or giving him some amount as a gift, these things won't work so don't even try. But the one thing that you can do is to clean your house so well so that a disinterested real estate professional just starts to value your house even more. Appraisers are normal people. When they see something that looks nice and looks clean and presents well, they’ll have a better impression of the property. You should create a list of all the notable and upgraded features of your home so that you can show them to the home appraiser when he comes to visit your home. Things like a clean and upgraded chimney must catch the eye or an upgraded solar panel or say an effective and newly installed underground drainage system. So, it is important that you point out the important work that you have done to your home appraiser.

Cleaning your whole house at once is not an easy task, but the most important part of the home cleaning process is chimney cleaning. Moreover, it is also important that chimneys should be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. These annual chimney cleanings ensure that your fireplace can burn safely and efficiently. Also, regular maintenance helps extend the life of your fireplace system by minimizing damage and deterioration of use. If you use your fireplace or stove as a primary heating source, then it may need to be swept more often. Chimneys should be cleaned anytime when there is an accumulation of soot that would affect the usage of your chimney as it won't work as effectively as it was working before.

Regular chimney cleaning is a critical first line of defense against problems that could result in expensive repairs later. We recommend having your chimney cleaned annually to ensure no damage could pose a hazard for you or your loved ones. It is easy to forget that smoke doesn't just draft out of a chimney and disappear. It leaves behind a type of residue called creosote which builds up over time. In its early stages, creosote buildup is a dark, flaky substance that collects along with the tiles. While it isn't usually dangerous on its own, addressing creosote during stage one is important. Once creosote reaches stage two, it becomes much more difficult to clean and can start to impact the functioning of your chimney. At stage three it is extremely flammable and can lead to a serious fire hazard. It is possible to do chimney cleaning by yourself, but it requires the use of a few specialized tools that most homeowners simply don't have in hand. Additionally, chimney cleaning can be described as a strenuous task. Some homeowners might be perfectly able to get up on their roofs with the proper tools and do a thorough sweep themselves, but it is important to keep the safety precautions in mind.

Following are the important benefits of chimney cleaning

Protection Against Unforeseen Expenses:
The reality of the chimney inspection is that without it, the value of the house will not be entirely accurate. More importantly, though, you’ll know the chimney can take the heat. When you are buying or selling the house chimney inspections are important.

Improved Efficiency:
A clean chimney will work substantially more efficiently than a dirty one. While unclean chimneys may contain buildups and obstructions that impair its ability to filter smoke out of the house, a clean chimney will properly remove the smoke to the exterior of your home.

National Fire Protection Agency:
It is required by the national fire protection agency that a level 2 chimney inspection is included in every home sale, and make sure you make through it. The level 1 inspection is sort of like walking up to a chimney and making sure there aren't any obvious structural failures with a naked eye. The difference between level 2 inspection is that it requires inspection not with a naked eye but with but full equipment and tools like some sort of camera.

Increased Working Life:
When you go through a process of chimney cleaning, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be safe for use. Here will be no negative consequences such as fire hazards or trapping of gases. Another benefit is that the chimney cleaning professional will find a problem with your chimney before it becomes noticeable. So, it is better to fix your chimney with time.

Enhanced Safety:
The safety of your chimney has everything to do with how clean it is. Over time, creosote is produced from the fire travels through the some and builds upon the walls. This can be dangerous if you use the fireplace frequently. Whenever the air duct is clogged the consequences can be deadly.Dirty chimneys can be inefficient, they may not filter smoke efficiently, which can be dangerous. A clogged air duct like the chimney, filled with creosote, can be life-threatening. Have your chimney cleaning professional check your chimney regularly so that you can be sure that it is working in a good condition.No matter the time of year, now is the perfect time to have your annual chimney cleaning done. Contact us to schedule your chimney cleaning. Our expert staff of chimney technicians can have your fireplace and chimney swept, inspected, and ready to use in winter.

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