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Bucks County Invisible Fence

You're concerned about your canine, and it's justified. Your Bulldog, Retriever or German Shepard can be one of those victims that die in road accidents annually. According to an estimate, more than 1.3 million dogs lose their lives to accidents, and petnapping is another risk that poses a threat to your beloved canine. When Martha's Brussels Griffon was stolen last year, because she had mistakenly left her door ajar, her pet become a part of the mystery that took the detective of New Orleans in a futile pursuit. He wasn't found. "I miss her more than anything in this world," she says. She believes it would be harder to replace her Griffon's image, who has remained in her memory since. It's a problem that needs a solution because your Rottweiler needs to stay in a yard in some circumstances. In this regard, you can consider an invisible fence. This remarkable new technology provides safety to your pet and puts one's mind at ease. Through an invisible fence, communication can be maintained, and your canine will remain in your chosen boundary in a safe, sound, and healthy posture. It's a smart solution.

Why Do You Need to Have It?
Invisible fencing is installed underground at the edges of a yard, for instance. It's connected to an electronic collar that your canine needs to wear around its neck, which is comfortable. When your dog gets near the installed fence, it'll signal the dog to stay away from the chosen boundary.

Arguably, there's a debatable ground, such as changing behavior due to the shock therapy. However, here we'll go through some of the positive aspects of the invisible fence:

Traditional wooden fences are celebrated as a part of community culture, but it's a costly option. An invisible fence will cost less than a traditional one by a 40-80% margin in a quarter acre. Materials like vinyl, chain link, or a forest wood are expensive pieces to build with.

Also, there's a cultural factor. For instance, Amish communities use a split rail fence. In this case, you'll be using one that is best aligned with your culture. Therefore, cost varies from situation to situation. A split rail fence can come at the cost of somewhere from $15/foot for a 3-rail.

Similarly, a chain-link fence starts from $1,500 (1/4 to ½ acres) if you consider doing it yourself. Moreover, a wooden fence in a ranch-style can cost from $2000-4000. If you do the installation through a professional, the cost will start from $4500.

However, the invisible fence's average cost starts at $200, and the majority of brands offer extensive invisible fence guarantees and warranties. On average, a 1-year money-back-guarantee is offered.

Durable and Easy-to-Install:
Unlike traditional fence, where they're unsustainable in a harsh terrain with challenging weather, the invisible fence can be established anywhere, including snow in a short time and little luck. The gadgets of the invisible fence are placed 3-4 inches apart. It's a tested technology. If you've got an Ibizan, wolfhound, or a greyhound, it can jump above 6 feet high. Similarly, if you've got a much common breed, a sturdy Rottweiler, in that case, it can also jump 6 feet high in the air in adolescence.

Therefore, there's always a risk of injury since a traditional fence is breakable. Similarly, it's hard to manage and paint every season, not the case with the invisible fence. In the same way, you don't need expensive woods, a carpenter to charge you extra for designing a plan, implementing it, and governing the whole process. Also, you'll be forced to inspect the construction. It's a time-consuming activity. With an invisible fence, you can easily install it on your lawn and be at peace.

According to Martha's Griffon's detective, his thoughts about pet snapping were entirely wrong when new experience looked in his eyes. He writes that the lost pet's figure to be stolen is much higher than the 10% estimate. Also, not forgetting, car accidents take a life of millions of dogs annually.

Also, dogs can jump over the fence. If it's Ibizan or greyhound, then the chances are they'll hurt themselves on the traditional fences if it's not high enough. A sturdy breed like a pit bull terrier is at the risk of injury. Moreover, they chew and dig under it. A wooden chain fence can also obstruct your view. Thus, an invisible fence is an aesthetic choice, which can further increase your property's aesthetic value, giving you ample space at the same time. If an intruder enters, he'll find confidence with a traditional fence since it's a barrier between him and the dog. However, with an open lawn and dog playing around it, he'll see no chances to walk toward your window. It'll deter thieves and give you privacy. That's why you should consider a much safer option of using the invisible fence.

Time Management:
Time is money, writes Benjamin Franklin in his essay. Notably, in building a traditional fence, it can take somewhere from four to six days, including trenching, nailing boards, rolling wire, and laying posts with an accurate plan. It’s a job that requires skill.

However, with an invisible fence, it’ll take some hours to build a containment for your beloved canine in an easy process. It can be set up in 1 day. If you’ve got a large property, it’ll take no more than 2 days.

By choosing an invisible fence over a traditional one, you're opting for a cost-effective, time-saving decision. It'll make you more a responsible owner. It'll take care of your pet, and It'll make sure your canine is safe, away from the accident and pet snapping. An invisible fence is a reliable, durable, and smart way to train your pet. With training, your dog will adapt to it. It's easy to use, and the newer technology allows you and your dog more freedom. You may rely on invisible fence technology. It's a decision made for you.

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