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Bucks County Propane or Heating Oil:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Propane or Heating Oil

Choosing Propane Or Heating Oil For Heating Appliances Is A Great Option. Here's Why:

While building a new home or relocating to another one, you may need to think about the heating solution beforehand. This is important because the winter temperatures in Pennsylvania can drop to as low to very cold temperatures.

So, you need a solution that not only proves to be a legitimate heat source but also boasts longevity, safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. We have found that heating oil and propane gas (both are extracted from crude oil) are a better option for your home appliances and heating.

Listed below are some individual factors that will help you understand why using propane and heating in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is better.

Here’s why you should go for Propane or Heating Oil:

First and foremost, if the supply constraints, especially during teeth-chattering winters. During these times, the constant supply becomes an issue due to increased demand. The propane and heating oil suppliers are not able to fulfill the demand, which leads to an inflationary pricing structure and leaves you without enough heat to stay warm. We have listed out three amazing propane and heating oil contractors serving the Bucks County, Pennsylvania region with a constant supply of both the types of heat sources. Now that you won’t have to face the supply issue, let’s take a look at why you should go with them.

Clean Source of Energy:

Both propane and heating oil are clean sources of energy. Yes, contrary to popular belief, which puts heating oil in the category of producing harmful and toxic soot, the type which we have seen during the industrial revolution. But no, the heating oil process today produces 95% clean energy compared to previous years. Coming to Propane, you would be glad to know that it is not at all toxic. So, even if Propane is released into the atmosphere by accident, it won’t harm Mother Nature. Plus, the burning of Propane is also as clean as a whistle.


Even the US Department of Energy has stated that Propane is quickly becoming a reliable and inexpensive source of energy, especially when compared to electricity. Add to this, if you can get your hands on a good and trustworthy supplier of the gas, you will be sitting on gold. We have already taken care of the latter for you. Our chosen heating oil and propane suppliers can not only fulfill the demand for heating your home, but also for running the appliances. Secondly, we have heating oil. Heating oil is yet another cost-effective source of heating your home, especially the larger homes. If we were to talk about this year alone, the price of heating oil has considerably dropped. But that can also be due to the lower demand.

Pro Tip: During the winters, the propane and heating oil costs increase. This is something very natural, and the market forces influence the price. That is why it is a great exercise to stock on your selected source of heat during the summers.

Better BTU:

In simple words, BTU expresses the amount of energy needed to increase or decrease the temperature of one pound of water by a single Fahrenheit. So, if something gives out more BTU, this means that it will provide more heat and vice versa. One gallon of heating oil observes 125,000 BTU, and the same for Propane is 84,250. However, if you were to compare them with natural gas, its BTU is 20,160. The reason why most of the American households are still hooked to natural gas is that it has been integrated into their homes and the supply system is also almost automated. But, rest assured that if you like to change or get your old propane system repaired, let any of these three contractors know.


The average lifespan of propane and heating oil system is 30 years. So, even if you have to replace your current system with any of these, you won’t regret investing in them.

Increase the Efficiency of your Heating Source

Besides the innate ability of these systems to provide efficient energy, warmer heat, and a pocket-friendly option, you can further augment their efficiency by a few simple practices.

Check and maintenance:
Make sure to get the heating equipment like heaters, fans, and other peripherals checked periodically. It is imperative to call an expert and have a look at it before you start using the equipment before winters. This will prevent any issues in the middle of the winters and not let you sleep cold at night.

Preent leakages:
A great amount of heat generated leaks out through the small holes in the ducts, air handlers, and the outlet registers. But, do not use a duct tape. It is good but not a practical solution. You can use a duct sealing mastic or adhesive foil tape for sealing all the holes and leaks.

Insulate the ducts:
The ducts are spread all over the house and covered with an artificial roof. So, the heat traveling through the duct will be lost on its way to the rooms if they are not insulated. This is another source of heat loss. You can go for wrap-up rolls or tubes for this purpose.

Using a heat recovery ventilator:
By using this equipment, the heat that escapes through the ventilator can be recycled and supplied back to your house or the heating appliances. This helps save cost, optimizes the usage of propane or natural gas, and provides more heat.

You may have your doubts and suspicions, but remember that they can always be solved and answered. So, if you have anything to ask, contact the three best propane and heating oil contractors in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, and get your answers for the horse’s mouth.

You can also ask them about the prices, supply routine, and the time required to bring gas to your home. Winters are approaching, so we suggest that you get cracking.

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