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Importance of Surveying:
People invest in real estate because of passive income opportunity, tax advantage, diversification, and to gain leverage, and it takes due diligence to make the right decision in real estate .Due diligence is a real estate term that means awareness of the property that you're considering. It can be your residential home or commercial property. Surveying is a tool for due diligence. It ensures that you make the right decision. It's an art of valuation and recommendation. The surveyor is your advisor. A property survey decreases your risk and prepares you for an economic decision. In both cases, you need the surveyor, whether you're considering moving in or thinking of selling your property. Also, surveying protects your property rights and gives you peace of mind. You need to hire a surveyor because the real estate market has low liquidity and high-value investment. A wrong decision can lead to financial distress, importantly, if it's a mortgaged investment. Surveying is crucial for you. Whether you're buying to move in or considering investing in real estate because without a survey, you can lose your dream of rental income or profits generated by the property.

Helps Your Building Plan:

The surveyor is trained in providing a detailed analysis with different skills and tools, such as they are equipped with geometry, trigonometry, and geography, to make a detailed report for you. The surveyor studies the constraints of your property. They look into the topography of your land, and around it. Also, they takes a more in-depth look at your land for services such as telephone lines and pipe systems. They also take a survey of drainage on the land and around it. Not only that, they will provide you with a detailed map of your legal boundaries, because boundaries can't be located without the aid of the surveyor. Also, their report will discover distances to the boundary of houses, fences, and other features. Once established, you can happily make a garden within your boundaries. A property with a garden is valued higher in the market. And a fence beyond your property boundary can result in a dispute with your neighbor. Their report will be drafted in a plan that will help engineers, architects, and other consultants. It's vital to hire one if you're looking to build your property. 

Cost-Effective Decision:

They will also ensures the property you're going to invest is free of bad conditions that can cost you a lot in the long-term. Their report includes a detailed inspection of conditions such as uneven walls or subsidies. Not limited to it, they will also suggest any alterations that might be required, for instance, for a chimney chute or fixing a roof in a living room.  Their commentary can give you an upper-hand in negotiation with the owner. Thus, choosing a surveyor is a cost-effective decision for your investment.

Protects Investment:

The first rule of investing in a home or any other property is its location because it's a profitability factor. For instance, proximity to green spaces is the right decision for your residential property valuation. There are also other factors to consider during buying. Surveying can do the job for you in this case, by analyzing and reporting the value of your future property. Also, surveying can save you some cash after the expense on property or home. In terms of real estate, it's called cash flow. Positive cash flow is a sign of return. Secondly, loans come at the cost of interest spread across the years. You need the right decision, and surveying is a tool to improve and guide you towards your ideal decision.

Mortgage Valuation:

A mortgage valuation is different from property valuation because it's designed to use the mortgage lender. It's a brief look into your property to ensure that your property is valued at your price estimate when you're securing a mortgage. A property valuation estimated by the surveyor can give you a rough estimate, if not an exact number. It can also help you negotiate a better price with a seller.  It's important to consider because if you've asked for $350,000 and your mortgage valuation puts a price of your property at $300,000, you'll be looking at a deficit of $50,000. To fill it, either you've to renegotiate with the owner or choose another source, which can be time-consuming. It may not be common, but some lenders approve a mortgage in established criteria. For instance, they may not be interested in your property if it's above a restaurant or a shop or built with a different material. A surveyor's report can help you choose a lender that fall.

Protects Your Rights:

There's a possibility you may build your dream house on someone else land, and that's what happened with Bonnie and Kim Bowman. Both daughter and mother purchased a plot in Utah, and later when they had built their home, they found it was built on Penovich's land. The best option is to hire a surveyor to avoid such incidents. Their detailed fieldwork will ensure you get a written legal description of the property, and its historical ownership, including demographics of the land, which can help you make an informed decision. Their report will also suggest recommendations that you can employ to improve your property and its value. 


The surveyor is your property health inspector. They are there to ensure you make the right decision. You'll get a report on the structural state and it's legal description and history of ownership to protect your rights of the property. Also, they will suggest maintenance that is required and recommendations that you can use to increase your property value or further improve its construct. The mortgage surveyor will get your mortgage approval. Moreover, your property surveyor can help you give an advantage in negotiation with the seller. In the end, you'll be able to achieve a return on your investment if everything goes correctly. Moreover, if a mortgage is involved, it becomes essential for you to hire a surveyor who's adept in its art so that you can be at peace. 

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