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Bucks County Water Testing:

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Bucks County Water Testing

Water Testing for Home Drinking Water:

The Importance of Knowing the Quality of Your Drinking Water
As living beings, food and water are among the most basic and most essential requirements for us to survive. In fact, we do not just need food to eat and water to drink, but we need it to be nutritious, plentiful, and hygienic. While many of us tend to be extremely dismissive of water drinking throughout our day, it is important to keep in mind that consuming unclean water can lead to a lot of diseases and conditions that can put you and your family’s health at risk.

Water coming from unsure or untested sources, such as wells, may contain substances and materials that can prove to be hazardous for you as well as your household appliances. Such water may contain toxic runoff from fertilized farms or factories, heavy metals and rust, salts that make the water hard, and a number of other substances that should not be present in a safe and clean water supply.

Why Should You Get Your Water Treated?
The greatest motivation to have your water supply treated is to prevent the spread of disease. There are numerous water borne diseases that can prove to be debilitating and even fatal to people that consume it, especially children. To protect yourself and your family from such diseases, it is important to test your water and have it treated.

Another one of the major problems that many households face in regards to their home water supply is hardness. Hard water can prove to be a nuisance in your daily life as it tends to damage surfaces such as those in your plumbing lines, tamper with appliances, and affect the softness of the fabric of your clothing articles.

Therefore, getting your water supply treated will enable you to extend the life as well as prolong high performance levels of various electrical appliances around your house that use water. These include your washing machine and dishwasher in particular. It also ensures that your plumbing remains in top shape and is not being damaged or clogged up by the buildup accumulating from the water itself.

Treatment Methods for Safe and Clean Water at Your Home

Water Testing:
It is impossible to tell if the water in your taps is completely safe to drink using your naked eye. You never know what microorganisms or chemicals are present in that water that are undetectable by sight, smell, or taste. Just because your water is clear does not mean it is clean.

That is why water testing is so critical, particularly in regions like ours where the primary water source is wells. A water test will give you a thorough and detailed insight into what substances are currently present in your water supply. This includes any potentially harmful chemicals, sediment, bacteria, iron, heavy metals, rust, etc.

Widely implemented all across the world at varying levels, chlorination is one of the most basic ways of ensuring water safety, especially for drinking water. The addition of hypochlorite solution to the water is effective in killing most microorganisms and makes for safe water consumption at your home. It is relatively cheap and simple to implement.

Water Filtration:
Another route to go would be water filtration. A simple filtration system can cover your entire house’s water supply and ensure that it is free of some of the most commonly found contaminants. There are a number of different types of filters available for installation in households. It is wise to leverage the help of an expert to help you decide which option is the best for your house and its water supply to ensure maximum safety.

Water Neutralization:
As suggested by the name of the process, acid neutralization systems are designed to neutralize the acidic pH of your water. The goal is to bring the pH up to 7.0, which is considered neutral and ideal for drinking water. Acidic pH of water tends to ruin pipes and will cost you a pretty penny in trying to keep up with the replacement and maintenance costs, not to mention the undesirable health consequences of consuming such fluid.

Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems:
Ideally, you want your drinking water to be free of any living creatures and microscopic bugs, especially ones that can upset your health. Many organisms that cause diarrheal diseases are transmitted through contaminated and unsterilized water. If a water test shows the presence of unusually high levels of bacteria and microorganisms, the best countermeasure would be to install a UV water sterilization system for your water supply. The ultraviolet light kills the living bacteria and makes sure that you and your family are not vulnerable to water borne diseases.

Let Us Help You:
Allow us to lend you a helping hand if you are struggling with a hard or unclean water supply in your home. We have offered our water testing and treatment services for several years in the region and our experts are well aware of the common problems that plague households like yours.

If you decide to hire our water services, the process will begin with a basic test. The goal is to find out what exactly constitutes your water supply so that we can proceed to treat it accordingly and ensure maximum efficacy. The best suited measures will be taken from there onward to soften and sanitize the supply. Our arsenal includes a number of conventional and contemporary techniques as well as filters and purifying systems that will take care of the issue in no time.

We are best equipped to help you find the ideal, customized solution for your water supply to ensure you no longer have to worry about the purification, cleanliness, or hardness of the water flowing through your taps. Get in touch with us today if you have a question or would like to avail our services.

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