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Bucks County Well Pumps:

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Bucks County Well Pumps

Well Pumps Buying Guide | From Types to Installation and Maintenance
A lot of houses in the Bucks County area depend on the well pumps to fulfill their water needs. These water supply pumps either extract or push the water through the small orifices and pipes with the help of an impeller with force. Depending on the needs, every household requires a different configuration of the pump. In this guide, we will discuss the types, size, key components, and the maintenance of the pumps. What Type of Well Pump Should You Use?

Whether you are looking to replace your old pump or install a new one for the first time, consider the types of pumps before moving ahead.

Submersible Pumps:

As the name suggests, these pumps sit at the bottom of the well; it pushes the water up a cylindrical metal pipe. A submersible pump draws water from the well’s surface and pushes it up through the flow sleeve. Within the motor, several impellers drive extracted water in the upward direction. In most cases, the submersible pumps drive water into a storage tank near the house. Lastly, since these pumps remain under the water, it is not easy to conduct regular servicing. Due to this, their average life span is about 15 years without even a single service.

Jet Pumps:

Two types of Jet Pumps are mostly used by Bucks County, Pennsylvania residents, Single Drop and Double Drop. Keeping everything aside, jet pumps are mounted or affixed to the walls outside of the water or the well.

Single Drop Jet Pumps:
These pumps are mostly installed within the property, like in a well house or outside near the garage. One of the best things about the jet pumps is the convenient maintenance and servicing. Since these pumps remain outside, they need to pull the water and not push like the submersible pumps. So, the jet pumps create suction via the impeller motors into a pipe extended inside the well. The pipe’s mouth is narrow and sometimes fitted with a jet, which increases the suction power. However, the single drop jet pumps are best for shallow wells that have a depth of less than 25 feet.

Double Drop Jet Pumps:
For wells deeper than 25 feet, you need to install the double drop jet pumps. Since the well is deep enough, this jet pump has a dual assembly. The jet extractor pipe is set within the well, and the impeller motor is set nearby the well but outside. It can be mounted on the wall. This is done to provide enough juice to the pump for covering the long distance from the pipe’s mouth to the storage tank. So, there are two pipe systems installed in this kind of apparatus. One draws water from the well till the impeller motor and then the motor further pushes the water towards the tank. Even though now you have a fair idea about the pumps, make sure to consult with the specialist well pump installation vendors before going ahead with it. We have listed the top three well pump repair and installation professionals above.

Before getting a pump installed, the experts we have listed look at several aspects to ensure the best results. These are:

Flow Rate:
The Flow Rate of a pump describes its ability to supply a particular volume of water in a minute. For instance, if a pump is pushing or pulling 1000 liters of water every minute, then its flow rate is considered as 1000 liters per minute. For the houses, a pump with a 150 - 250 liters flow rate is adequate.

Inlet Size:
Inlet sizes vary from 1inch to 6 inches. Bigger inlet valve size means a higher volume of water can be sucked in through the pipes and vice versa. Plus, the bigger sizes of the inlet valves also work with speed.

Pump Quality:
Make sure that you are installing a good quality pump with a higher life expectancy. For this, you can trust our selected vendors as they only work with the best in class well pumps that give a high-octane performance with more than average life expectancy.

Depth of the Well:
The well’s depth and pump’s capacity to deliver the desired response are proportional to each other. You must take note of the well’s depth before deciding which type of pump is best suited for the service. As we have said before, shallow depth can be fitted with single drop jet pumps, and those with deeper heights need double drop jet pumps. On the other hand, the submersible pumps can be installed at any depth.

Size of the House and Family:
This is something that your service provider will judge better. But just to give you an idea, you must account for all the appliances, family members, and water usage in the house for the best results.

Pressure Switch:
Every pump must have a pressure switch, which turns the motor off once the pressure reaches a certain point. Once the pressure goes down, the pump restarts.

Life expectancy of a Well Pump:

A well pump can sustain for 10 to 15 years, but only if the conditions are conducive to its long term expectancy. Here are a few factors that you must keep an eye out for it for longer life and smooth performance.

Water Sediment:
Water that has sediments can be abrasive. They can wear down the bearings of the well pump. Furthermore, the presence of other materials like silt, sand, and algae can further reduce the pump’s quality.

Motor Make and Quality:
Always use a motor that is best suited for your house’s needs and requirements. Use powerful motors for better performance as they will be able to pump out more water, and ultimately, they will be used less times.

A well pump is a necessity in the areas where there is a shortage of government-supplied. And water as a commodity is important for your survival, there are no compromises with it, whatsoever.
So, living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, you will never have to deal with water supply shortage if you are in contact with the top three companies offering well pump installation and repair services

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