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Bucks County Chimney Cleaning:

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Bucks County Chimney Cleaning

The chimney in your home is a functional and important piece of your fireplace.  And, like many parts of your home, require regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality as well as to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Having a fireplace in your Bucks County home keeps you warm in the winter while giving your home a comfortable and homey feel.  However, if you do not regularly clean the chimney of your fireplace many things can happen.

Why Regular Chimney Cleaning Is Crucially Important

Regular chimney cleaning is a critical first line of defense against problems that could result in expensive repairs later.  We recommend having your chimney cleaned annually to ensure no damage could pose a hazard for you or your loved ones.  It is easy to forget that smoke doesn’t just draft out of a chimney and disappear.  It leaves behind a type of residue, called creosote, which builds up over time. 

In its early stages, creosote buildup is a dark, flaky substance that collects along the tiles of the chimney.  While it isn’t usually dangerous on its own, addressing creosote during stage one is important.  Once creosote reaches stage two, it becomes much more difficult to clean and can start to impact the functioning of your chimney.  At stage three, it is extremely flammable and can lead to a serious fire hazard.

DIY Or Hire A Professional Bucks County Chimney Cleaner

You may be tempted to clean your chimney yourself to save you money, however, this is strongly discouraged.  The process of cleaning your chimney requires a lot of strenuous activity, such as getting on your roof, and specialized tools that most homeowners just don’t own.  Also, many homeowners are not familiar, or have the experience in cleaning the chimney to ensure the job is done correctly.  It is strongly advised to reach out to one of our trusted, local Bucks County chimney cleaner vendors to schedule your annual cleaning.

Important Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney

  1. Protect against unforeseen expenses - The reality of the chimney inspection and cleaning is that without it, the value of the house will not be entirely accurate.  More importantly, though, you’ll know the chimney can take the heat.  When you are buying or selling the house, chimney inspections are important.
  2. Improved efficiency - A clean chimney will work substantially more efficiently than a dirty one. While unclean chimneys may contain buildups and obstructions that impair its ability to filter smoke out of the house, a clean chimney will properly remove the smoke to the exterior of your home.
  3. National Fire Protection Agency - It is required by the national fire protection agency that a level 2 chimney inspection is included in every home sale.  The level 1 inspection is sort of like walking up to a chimney and making sure there aren’t any obvious structural failures.  The level 2 inspection requires inspection of the chimney be taken with full equipment and tools - it is more in depth.
  4. Increased work life - When you go through the process of chimney cleaning, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be safe for use.  Your fireplace and chimney will work at peak performance.
  5. Enhanced safety - The safety of your chimney has everything to do with how clean it is.  Annual cleaning will keep your chimney clear of creosote, which in turn, will allow the smoke to flow through as it should. 

Give one of our trusted Bucks County chimney cleaners a call to schedule your annual cleaning.  Their expert staff of chimney technicians can have your fireplace and chimney swept, inspected, and ready to use.

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