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Bucks County Driveways:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Driveways

When considering the curb appeal of a home, many people only consider the garden and the paint of the house.  However, if these two things are absolutely stunning, having a broken up uncared for driveway will make the paint and the garden invisible.  People will only see the ugly driveway when they drive by your home.  Outside of curb appeal, a fresh and beautiful driveway offers many other benefits as well.  A well done driveway will be free of standing puddles after a rain, it will provide a smooth surface to teach your children to ride their bikes, and there are no cracks for people to potentially trip on.

Things To Consider Before Contacting a Driveway Installer

Before contacting one of our agent recommended Bucks County driveway contractors consider some of the following:

  1. Color - Consider your color options.  Would the color match or contrast with your home and is the color you want allowed by your HOA.  Always ensure the colors are within HOA guidelines before having it installed.
  2. Drainage - Drainage is important when it comes to a new driveway.  With proper drainage you’ll be able to enjoy a puddle free area to load your children into the vehicle and unload groceries.
  3. Illumination - Consider what type of lighting you will need that will look great with your new driveway.  Long-lasting LED lights are easy to set up and maintain, but you also have the ability to choose something simple like solar lights on the edge of the driveway.

Things To Discuss With Your Driveway Professional

While it is good to have an idea of what you want in your new driveway, some of your ideas may not work.  It is always a good thing to discuss your wants with a professional driveway installer.  They will know what will work for your property and location.

  1. Style - There are many styles when it comes to driveways that can be installed.  You can choose a plain straight driveway, a curved driveway, even a circular driveway.  However, your area and property may not support all of the styles.
  2. Material - Choose the material that is right for your home and the area you live in.  Materials can include gravel, cement, and asphalt - or a mixture.  Get an idea of the overall look that you want to achieve and then discuss your options with the driveway professional.
    1. Asphalt - This is typically the cheapest material to create a driveway.  Although asphalt is cheapest in up front costs, there is regular maintenance when it comes to keeping an asphalt driveway in good condition.
    2. Brick - Brick is a moderately priced material for creating a driveway.  The overall look of a brick driveway is stunning, however, like asphalt, wit will require maintenance as the bricks settle inconsistently creating a choppy look over the years.
    3. Concrete - This is one of the most commonly used materials in Bucks County for driveways.  Concrete makes a beautiful foredrop for a well manicured home and garden.
    4. Pavers - Pavers are typically combined with gravel and bricks to create an eye-catching driveway.

Maintaining Your Driveway

Regardless of what material you have chosen to go with, it is important for a homeowner to maintain the driveway as closely as possible.  Cracks often appear either from the freezing, thawing and refreezing of water season after season or from tree roots growing underneath.  It’s important to pay attention to the health of your driveway and fix it when you first notice so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem

When it is time to get a new driveway, be sure to contact one of our trusted, local Bucks County driveway specialists to help you.  Replacing a driveway is not a weekend do-it-yourself job.  It requires experience, knowledge, and professionalism.  Put your trust in these contractors and get the curb appeal of your dreams.

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