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Bucks County Gas Fireplace Service:

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Gas Fireplace Service

The cold weather season can be rather harsh if you live in an area where winters are relatively chilly. Bucks County happens to be one of those places. These cold weather conditions can bring intense cold into your home regardless of how well insulated or well-made your home is.  In such a climate, the warmth coming from a roaring fireplace is something to cherish.  Those that don’t have a fireplace tend to wish they did when the cold weather hits.  If you are longing for a fireplace but concerned about owning a traditional fireplace, consider hiring a professional Bucks County gas fireplace service company.

About Gas Fireplace Service Companies

Gas fireplace service companies can do the installation and maintenance of your gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere in your home and even replace an old wood-burning fireplace with a clean-burning gas fireplace. The options are many and a good gas fireplace company will help you come up with the best solution to a safer fireplace in no time. 

Modern gas fireplaces are hassle-free and can be ignited with a remote or an easy flip of a switch. There is no waiting for the fire to build in order to feel its warmth.  Gas fireplaces require less repair than traditional wood fireplaces.  Gas fireplaces are also better for the health and well being of your family.

Bucks County Gas Fireplace Regular Maintenance Benefits

Regularly maintaining your gas fireplace by a professional service provider is essential to the life of your unit.  You might be amazed at just how massive the benefits are when you receive an annual service.

  1. Ensured Protection - Regular inspection will bring to light simple things like loose fitting wiring or broken down gaskets that can turn out to be a big problem quickly.
  2. Visual Appearance - Cleaning the glass doors of your fireplace on a regular basis will help keep the beautiful appearance of your fireplace.  Who wants to look at a beautiful fire through a cloudy, gross glass door?
  3. Peace of Mind - Knowing that your fireplace has passed inspection and is working perfectly will give you the peace of mind to know your family is safe.  Instead of worrying, you’ll be able to join the warmth and beauty of the fire with your family.
  4. Clear Ventilation System - Ensuring that your chimney is clear is not only safe but will also help with cleanup.  When the ventilation is clogged in any way, not only is it dangerous, it causes a lot of build up and dirt to accumulate.
  5. Better Function - Your fireplace will probably experience less leaks, vulnerable explosions, or unanticipated fires if faults are caught during an annual inspection and regular servicing.
  6. Maintained Effectiveness - Gas fireplaces can save you more money compared to other kinds of heating units. Make sure you are saving money by having a well-maintained unit.  It needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis in order for it to work effectively and last as long as possible.

Maintenance You Can Do On Your Gas Fireplace

Bucks County homeowners like to do as much as they can before calling a professional.  Although a typical homeowner shouldn’t do a lot with a gas fireplace, there are some things that can be done easily.

  1. Clean The Glass - Cleaning the glass of your gas fireplace is fairly simple and something that should be done about once a month.  This is even a chore that can be given to older children!  When in heavy use, you may want to do the glass cleaning more often.  This keeps the glass clear of any type of deposits that can build up.
  2. Check Gaskets - Take a visual inspection of the gaskets around the glass and firebox of the fireplace.  Replace any that appear to be broken or showing wear.  Keeping your gaskets in order is important to safely use your fireplace.
  3. Check Other Elements - While cleaning and visually inspecting the gaskets, take note of everything else that you can see in your gas fireplace.  As with the gaskets, if you find anything else that looks broken or worn, replace it as soon as possible or call a professional gas fireplace company.  Remove any debris you find in the vent as well.  Again, if you are unable to do this, call a professional.

Professional Gas Fireplace Services

A few servicing tasks are better left to the Bucks County gas fireplace servicing professionals.  This is mainly for safety purposes and effectiveness.  Professionals who are skilled and specialize in servicing gas fireplaces will be able to professionally check for any problems with your unit.  A professional service and inspection typically includes:

  1. Glass Cleaning - A professional gas fireplace servicing company will clean the fireplace glass with specific cleaning products made for this type of glass.
  2. Vent Cleaning - Ensuring that the vents are clear of debris is one of the most important parts of a professional cleaning for your gas fireplace.  A buildup of debris can cause the carbon monoxide to come into your home instead of escaping.
  3. Fan Inspection - Inspecting the fan for proper functionality is an important part of the inspection.  You need the fan to function properly so that you get the benefit of the heat from the fire. 
  4. Gaskets And More - Although this is something that we said that you could do throughout the year, it is great to have a professional look at it during their annual inspection and maintenance.  A pair of trained and skilled eyes are always best when it comes to the safety of you and your family.
  5. Ignition - Another important part of the inspection is the ignition system.  Ensuring all of the pieces of this system are working properly is important.
  6. Gas Log Inspection - It is essential to have the gas logs inspected regularly by a professional.  They use special equipment to ensure that gas is not leaking through the vents of the gas log when it is not running.
  7. Wiring Check - The professional gas fireplace service company will also check to ensure that the wiring system of the gas fireplace is working properly and there is no loose wiring.
  8. Basic Adjustments - The servicing company will also make any basic adjustments needed to maintain effectiveness and safely.

It is always best to reach out to a trustworthy and reliable Bucks County Gas Fireplace Service Company when you are ready to have a fireplace installed or need to schedule your annual maintenance.  We have the top companies listed here for you to reach out to.  Get started today.

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