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Bucks County Insurance:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Insurance

It’s a given that if you own a home, even if you rent, insurance is something that is a requirement.  Your home is your most valuable asset and should be protected, as well as everything within your home.  Did you know that you can bundle your insurances?  Auto, home, renters, business, and even property, health, and life insurance can be purchased through the same company.  Some even offer discounts when multiple policies are held within the same company!  Below, we’ll go over a few insurance savings tips to consider.

Bucks County Insurance Tips

  1. Content Coverage - Consider the items you have in your home.  If you are renting or living a minimalist lifestyle, consider reducing your content coverage.  If you don’t own a lot of things, why spend the money to cover them?
  2. Renovations - Living in an older home may cause your home insurance premiums to be higher than newly constructed homes.  If you happen to be remodeling an older home can actually help decrease your premiums.
  3. Swimming Pool - Before adding that swimming pool in your backyard, be aware that your insurance will, more than likely, raise.  This is due to the liability of someone possibly drowning.  Adding a pool often augments the value of your home as well.  If you have a pool and have no interest in getting rid of it, fencing in your pool can help save on the premiums of having a pool.
  4. Pipes - Similar to home renovations, upgrading your plumbing to copper or plastic pipes will help reduce your insurance.  These types of pipes tend to have less issues than galvanized, lead, and even terra cotta pipes.
  5. Shop Around - There are many insurance companies in Bucks County.  Try contacting a few of them listed on AgentsAdvise.com and compare their offerings.  Compare the policies, umbrellas, and the different types of insurances offered.
  6. Wiring - A number of wiring types are more costly while others are cheaper than others to indemnify.  Make sure you have standard wiring types and, of course, stay away from aluminum wirings which can be very expensive to indemnify.  Not all insurers will cover homes in the midst of aluminum wirings, and those that do will call for a complete electrical check up of the home.
  7. Deductibles - Similar to auto insurance, you can also opt for higher home insurance deductibles to cut your insurance premiums.
  8. Packages - Speak to the insurance companies to determine if they offer package deals for multiple policies.  As mentioned before, you may have the need for more than one type of insurance, why not save where you can?
  9. New Home - Some insurance companies will offer a new home discount, be sure to request this if you have a new home.
  10. Claim-Free Discount - When talking to insurance companies, find out if they offer a claims-free discount.  This discount will apply after a time period of not submitting any claims.  The discount will save you in premium costs.
  11. Mortgage-Free Discount - When you get to the point of not having to pay a mortgage, some insurance companies will reward you with a lower premium.
  12. Specialized Membership - Did you know that certain associations are granted discounts by some insurance companies?  Some examples include: military, teachers, first responders, and government.
  13. Seniors - As a senior citizen, you might be eligible for premium discounts on your home.  It never hurts to ask!
  14. Payment Discounts - Choosing to pay your premiums on a yearly basis saves the insurance company money in organizational costs.  For this reason, companies are willing to give you a premium discount for paying yearly versus monthly.
  15. Drop Earthquake - In the Bucks County area the threat of earthquakes is low.  Although there have been earthquakes in the area, the threat of a severe earthquake is extremely low.  Dropping this portion of your homeowners insurance will save you money on your premium.
  16. Wood Stove - Having a wood stove in your home, unfortunately, will mean an elevated premium.  Choosing to get rid of a wood stove that is in a house you are purchasing will decrease your premiums.
  17. Heating - Insurance companies much prefer to insure homes that utilize gas furnaces or electric heating.  Oil heated homes tend to have higher premiums.
  18. Quit Smoking - Many insurance companies will raise premiums on homes in which a smoker resides.  By quitting smoking, you’ll be saving on insurance premiums as well as your health!
  19. Welcome Discount - When speaking to insurance companies, ask them about a welcome discount. 
  20. Choose Your Location - When looking for a home, be sure to choose a location that is safe and free of many natural disasters if you can.  Flooding is one of the biggest issues when it comes to natural disasters in Bucks County.  The next one would be hurricanes. A lower crime rate area will also help save you on insurance premiums.  Try to stay away from areas with a high crime index.
  21. Security - Having your home monitored for security 24/7 will give you a large discount on your homeowners insurance premiums.
  22. Fire Station - When choosing a location for your home, consider locating near a fire station.  This can also save you money in insurance premiums.
  23. Long Term Holder - Staying with one company for many years may land you a discount.  Insurance companies want to reward long standing policy holders by offering them a discount.
  24. Water Damage - Stay away from buying a home which may have water damage or has a record of water damage.  This is one of the reasons it is important to have a home inspection before purchasing a house as they will be able to find any water damage that the house has had.

Choosing The Right Bucks County Insurance Provider

When it comes to choosing the right insurance provider, it is important to contact a handful of insurance companies to ensure you are getting the right coverage at the right price.  It is good to contact a company that is more than just homeowners insurance as you will most likely get the best coverage on all policies you will need.

AgentsAdvise has listed insurance companies that are local to the area, know the different types of homes in the area, and are very familiar with the policies they offer.  They are trusted, local companies ready and waiting to take your call and walk you through their offerings.

Types Of Insurance

As mentioned previously, you can save by bundling different types of insurance, some of the insurance policies provided from the listed companies are:

  1. Homeowners - protect the largest asset you own.
  2. Commercial - for business owners
  3. Boating - insure your boat
  4. Condo - smaller policy for a condo you own
  5. Life - life insurance is an important coverage to have for you and your family
  6. Health - if you do not have health insurance from your employer or you are a business owner looking for a policy for your employees
  7. Motorcycle - Even though you can’t drive it all year round, it still needs to be covered
  8. Renters - even renters need to insure their personal property.
  9. RV - recreational vehicles have become popular in recent years!
  10. Auto - it’s not only law to have your vehicle insured, it's smart.
  11. Landlord Protection - Just as renters need to be insured, so do landlords
  12. Earthquake - although not prevalent in Bucks County, it can be useful, just in case.

Reach out to one of our listed insurance companies to begin the process of finding the right policy for you and your property.  Insurance can be difficult to understand, however these listed companies know their business and can help you get the right policy for your needs. 

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