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Bucks County Photographers

One of the greatest things about living in Bucks County is the amount of talent located right here in our community.  The area itself inspires artists and photographers to sharpen their skills.  However, the residents and homeowners in Bucks County are always looking for a good photographer for a variety of reasons.  Let’s take a look at the types of photographers you may be looking for:

Bucks County Photographers & Specialties

  1. Real Estate - If you are looking to sell your home, finding a real estate photographer is important.  Most times, your agent will already have someone in mind to take incredible pictures of your home, showing it in the best light for buyers.
  2. Portrait - Family photos in the beautiful colors of Autumn make an incredible memory for everyone.  Portrait photographers have an eye for location and posing family members so that it all looks natural.
  3. Wedding - The wedding photographers in Bucks County are incredible.  Capturing one of the most important days in your life is an important job and they excel at it.
  4. Special Events - Special event photographers are very similar to wedding photographers as they are able to capture memories while managing multiple people and locations sometimes at the same time!
  5. Drone Photography - This is a rather new category and many times lumped into the real estate industry.  When taking photographs for a perspective view, drone photography is the best.  A stunning home with a beautiful property can really only be cherished in one photo from above.

Real Estate Photographer

For this article, we’ll focus on real estate photography.  A report by Realtor.com says that 44% of the home buyers start their search online.  For this reason, it is imperative that you hire a professional real estate photographer if you want to sell your home before the selling season ends.

Real estate is a show business.  You need to show the house to your prospective buyers from every possible angle.  Having crisp, high definition photographs with immaculate art direction and stage composition can be the tipping point between a buyer choosing to view your home or another home.  AgentsAdvise has listed a few Bucks County Real Estate photographers above, they are the best of the best in the area.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

  1. Sell Faster - Having professional photographs attached to your online listing will help buyers make a better choice.  In an era where 98% of the millennials look at only sources before buying a home, any listing without professional and clear pictures will more than likely be ignored.
  2. Professional Equipment  - No matter how many megapixels are added to the phone camera, they cannot match professional cameras’ depth and quality.  They are equipped with the right lighting tools, camera, tripod, and many even have access to drone photography.
  3. Skill and Training - Although having the right equipment is a big plus, it takes talent and skill to take the right pictures.  Professional photographers know what angle is the most effective to capture the room in the best possible way.  Using natural lighting mixed with artificial light brings a room to life.
  4. Staging and Direction - While realtors are responsible for preparing the property’s specifics and location, describing the neighborhood, determining resale value, and determining construction material, the house cannot be sold without a sales lead.  More often than not it is the pictures taken of the home that will bring in the leads to sell the house to.
  5. Innovative - Real estate photographers not only have an eye and talent to make your home look better in sales pictures they are typically ahead of the game in using innovative technology.  From post production software to aerial drone photography, the real estate photographers we have listed on this page are ahead of the curve.
  6. Virtual Tours - Many of the real estate photographers also have the ability to take videos and produce a virtual tour for buyers.  Keep in mind that there are many people moving long distances who cannot be there in person.  A virtual tour is the perfect way to show those far away what your home looks and feels like.

Important Real Estate Photographs

There are some key photographs that you should take when planning a photo shoot with your real estate photographer.  The final shots will be determined by the key features of your home.

  1. Home Front - Always take a picture of your home from the front.  Allow your buyers to see what your home looks like from the curb.  This will be their first visual of your home. This will show off the structure of your home, the landscaping of your front yard and many times it will show your driveway.
  2. Kitchen - The kitchen is typically the heart of the home.  If your kitchen is a strong point of your home, be sure to capture a few good shots of this.  Buyers want to envision them and their family hanging out and cooking in the kitchen.
  3. Back Yard or Patio - If you have an outdoor area that is great for entertaining, don’t forget to get some shots of this.  This will show potential buyers where they can relax with their family.  A relaxing patio or a fun backyard pool are great examples of what you want to highlight.
  4. Bedrooms - Be sure to get at least one picture of each bedroom. When buyers are looking at houses online, they want to be able to see the bedrooms that you are offering.  They need to know their furniture will fit in the bedrooms.

Hiring A Bucks County Real Estate Photographer

Now that we have reviewed the importance of hiring a professional Real Estate photographer, the talent they can contribute to the success of your home sale, and tips on maximizing their skill, it is time to begin reaching out.  The photographers we have listed above are trusted, local professionals ready and waiting to take care of your home photography needs.

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