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Bucks County Pool and Spa::

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Bucks County Pool and Spa

A Comprehensive Guide For Building and Maintaining a Swimming Pool:
Is there a better way to enjoy some quality time with friends and family than basking under the sun in your backyard pool? We don’t think so. But there is a lot to understand before building a swimming pool that meets the eye. You have to consider purpose, site technicalities, size, budget, elevation, and much more. Furthermore, there is pool maintenance to consider. Where the maintenance is in your hand, to build the pool, you need professional assistance. Choosing one out of a multitude of swimming pool contractors in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is easier said than done. However, we have saved you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on scrutinizing all sorts of vendors. You will find the three best swimming contractors in the city, given here. While you wait for the quotes, let’s deliberate over some things that you should know.

Before Building the Pool:

Take care of a few things before the pool building work begins. Swimming pools can serve various purposes, but there are a few corresponding benefits that you can enjoy with every specific reason. For instance, a recreational pool must have a wider area and fitted with caves, boulders, slides. More importantly, such a pool appeals to all the ages. Moreover, if you need to undergo strength training, a lap pool is the way to go. Love Mother Nature? Why don’t you go for a natural pool or if you want an elegant mix spa and pool, consider building a plunge pool? So, with the purpose, the pool type, its construction, and budget changes.

Site Inspection:

A professional and experienced swimming pool contractor like the ones you see listed here will conduct a site inspection. The motive is to generate a geotechnical engineering report pertaining to the pool site. Plus, they also look at the soil configuration via additional tests. Everything is done to confirm that the site is right to sustain a pool for a long time.

What Size Do You Want?

Finalizing the size is dependent on a few relating factors. This includes the budget, zoning restrictions, and yes, the area available at your house. Also, keep in mind that with an increase in size (in terms of length, breadth, and height), the budget will also increase.

Above Ground or In-Ground:

If you are looking for a more permanent and stable swimming pool, an in-ground pool is what you need. Compared to this, the above-ground pools offer a temporary refuge while giving the freedom to take it along if you shift to a new place. For the in-ground pool, the contractors will need to execute some intensive excavation and soil testing measures. But, with above ground, you will have a ready-made pool structure that will be shipped to your location and sealed in its place.

Aesthetics Appeal:

Pools are supposed to turn some heads with their attractive design and structure. If you are looking to make a statement, make sure that the pool blends in with the surrounding architecture. If you want to up the ante, consider building architectural pools, infinity pools, or even a couple of spools around the standard swimming pool. There are no restrictions here. Your imagination is the only limit. However, you want the pool to be made, just ask one of these contractors, and you are good to go.

Materials used for Construction:
Well, this is something that the expert vendors of Bucks County listed here will know better. But, just give a basic introduction, there are different kinds of materials used to build the pools. You have the fiberglass composite, it is a highly strong, lightweight, and flexible material. Concrete pools are also very popular, but they have a shorter life span then the fiberglass ones. Lastly, you have the vinyl pools that provide quality at competitive prices. Now that you understand the initial preparation steps of building a pool, the next bit will be taken care of by the contractors. From the three topmost swimming pool contractors in Bucks County, you can choose anyone you want, and they will get cracking. Make sure to tell them precisely what you want along with the budget considerations. They will take care of the construction and build a beautiful pool just as you want it. So, be prepared to enjoy the summers under the sun with your family or have a poolside party or even a pool movie night. Getting excited? Well, it does not stop here. After building a pool, you would want to maintain it effectively. Here are some swimming pool maintenance exercises you need to know.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips:

  1. During the springs, remove the debris with a skimmer net.
  2. Always keep the pool clean and tidy.
  3. Use a good and powerful water filtration system.
  4. Conduct regular water tests for pH levels.
  5. Make sure to brush off the residue from the pool sides after a few days.
  6. Use chlorine and algaecide but in optimum quantities and with expert’s guidance.
  7. During the fall, remove the leaves every day. Otherwise, they will clog the skimmer and stain the pool liner.
  8. Close the pool before the winters and cover it up. Before closing, check the pH levels, take out the ladders and handrails for storing in the garage.
  9. Conduct regular servicing of the pool equipment. The water filters and other draining peripherals.
  10. Install winterizing plugs to prevent the water from freezing inside the pipes.
  11. Fix a weekly vacuum schedule for the pool.
  12. Use backwashing to clean the pool filters.
  13. It will be useful to use shock treatment after heavy rains.
  14. Conduct a routine checkup on the pool filters, water circulation systems, and the skimmer baskets. Plus, clean the skimmer baskets regularly.
  15. Adjust the water level to ensure the best experience.

Ready to Swim?
If you are ready, then so are the Bucks County contractors to help you build a stunning and fabulous backyard swimming pool. Get in touch with them, ask for the quotes, and choose the one you like the most.

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