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Bucks County Septic

It's your responsibility as a homeowner that your home's septic tank remains in a working condition. That it's cleaned, adequately cared for, and looked after. Failing to maintain your septic tank can come at economic, public health, and environmental cost. Therefore, it should be ensured that your septic tank is periodically inspected, and elements that can disrupt normal workings of a septic tank are under control. Nearly 35.7 million homes have a septic system installed, around 1 in 5 households in the US. Homeowners failed to take notice until the toilet is overflowing with scum from the septic tank.However, if you employ a septic tank cleaning service, you'll stretch your septic tank lifetime to at least 50 years with regular maintenance.An average cost to clean a septic tank is not only a cost-effective plan, but it comes without a hassle, since cleaning a septic tank is dirty, time-consuming, and a skilled job. For instance, pumping can cost somewhere from $300 to $600, depending on your septic tank's size.There are professionals around you to help you keep it working. Only you've to hire them to keep the damage off so that you're carefree.

Why Should It Be Cleaned?

Septic tank is designed for treatment in areas where the public sewers are not located. It's a buried chamber located outside, where household wastewater from the toilet, washing machines, sinks, and shower filled with disease-causing pathogens, untreated sewage, and other impurities goes down from the pipes connected to your household. The single pipe carries it from multiple to a septic tank where it's treated. Sludge, the heaviest particle matter, sinks to the bottoms. In contrast, the middle is occupied by a liquid layer called effluent, and the top is layered by scum, which is a combination of oil and grease. The effluent is discharged into the drain field or leach field, where it's released above the water table but below ground. Soil act as a natural filter for it. Also, it ensures that pollutants are removed, groundwater is recharged, and the aquifers are replenished. Due to its decentralized nature, it reduces infrastructure and energy needs simultaneously. It also takes care of disease transmissions risk, which can arise through shellfish bed contaminations and drinking water. Suppose you aren't cleaning the septic tank. In that case, you're inviting wastewater filled with floating levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and loaded pathogens to remain untreated. This poses a threat of contamination to surface water. For instance, swimmers or anyone who may drink it will be at risk of hepatitis, ear and eye infections, and other acute diseases. Untreated sewage can cause groundwater contamination, which can also spread diseases. Additionally, you'll be looking at a piled-up bill to take control of your septic tank once again. In the long run, solid waste can block the drain field. Also, sludge can build up in outlet baffles. The most visible sign, in this case, will be toilet overflowing and stink. Thus, it's better to allow a professional septic tank cleaning service to take care of your needs.

Why a Professional Septic Tank Service?

It's often late when the problem of septic tank overflow becomes obvious. The drain field is blocked, little improvements can be made because the spare parts often required a complete change. This can further increase your cost. It's better to have a frequent inspection to avoid a hefty cost at the end. 

Experience and Trained:
They experienced in knowing the rights tools for the right size. A septic tank service provider has a reputation in the market and contacts with sellers and other parties. Each member's background is checked and gone through extensive technical training. Also, their team members are licensed and insured. 

Special Tools:
Special tools are employed in installation, excavating, and repairing the septic tank. For instance, excavating is a delicate job where it's important that the earth is not disturbed, and underground systems such as electric cables and water pipes remain intact.

The cost of cleaning and pumping is as low as $250-300.

A 750-gallon tank suitable for one or two bedrooms can cost the least figure.

A 1,250-gallon build for a 3,500 square feet with three bedrooms can cost $500 or around.

An average 1000-gallon septic tank can cost between $350-450.

The national average for cleaning is $395. In contrast, a replacement cost $3150-9,650 on average. 

Installation is a technical and dangerous area of septic services. Which, by its obvious name, cannot be done by a homeowner himself. However, a professional service member is covered with insurance. Also, your home insurance doesn't cover the septic tank.

Time Management:
In today's modern life, nothing important than your time. It matters for all good reasons.

A professional septic cleaning provider ensures that it is pumped within 25 or 35 minutes. Further, it also depends on the size of the septic tank, the number of household members. Also, the number of years passed on the accumulation of sold in the septic tank.

The more you avoid cleaning it, the less cost-effective it can become. Also, if you decide to do it by yourself, you've to read DIY manuals and have to rent equipment that is specific to every tank. By hiring a professional provider, you're saving your time and money.

Frequent Inspection:
In extreme cases, soil fracturing is recommended when the drain field lines get blocked due to negligence. In this process, the lines are cleaned, which can cost more than a thousand dollars. Frequent inspection by hiring a septic cleaning service can ensure that everything is in order.

Environmental Friendly:
A septic tank can be accumulated with years of waste, rinsing with harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

It can make you sick or contaminate the neighborhood. Also, the toxic waste can't be disposed into the landfill.

That's why professional service providers can dispose of it in a chosen recycling center.

Also, the septic tank can produce explosive methane gas.

Their practices are environmentally friendly. That's what you should be looking for as a responsible citizen. 

A septic tank cleaner can extend your septic tank life by many folds, plus it's incredibly cost-effective compared to changing the whole septic tank, which can cost thousands. A larger household septic tank should be drained every 3 to 4 years, whereas a smaller septic tank such as 500-gallon should be cleaned every 7-9 months. It should be inspected annually. To avoid disastrous consequences, nothing better than to hire a professional septic cleaning service.

Signs of trouble:
Steve Grooms writes in his book, "once problem arises within a septic system, there isn't much a homeowner can do, but being able to identify signs of trouble." Upon their discovery, you don't have to become panic. The professionals will take care of it.

If your drains are working slowly, there's a chance of clogging in the main house drain or the septic system.

If the main house drains are not blocked, and the drains are still working slowly, it's a sign that your septic tank is full.

The presence of dark-colored water on the drain field also indicates a problem. It can also be accompanied by sewage odor in or around the home. 

A common sign is a sewage backing up. Overflowing can indicate a critical position of your septic tank. It's a sure sign that it's full. 

Cleaning a septic tank is time consuming and laboring job. It involved expertise. Also, there's a risk with tools and proper practices in pumping and cleaning your septic tank. You're opting for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and rich experience by choosing a septic tank cleaning service. Frequent inspections and cleaning can increase the lifetime of your septic tank for decades. Their work is licensed and insured, and they are trained to take care of your needs and give you a comfort of mind. 

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