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Bucks County Shower Doors

The bathrooms in your home receive a lot of foot traffic. However, even after being aware of this fact, homeowners usually overlook the shower doors when it comes to remodeling and maintenance of their Bucks County home. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. If you opt to replace your shower doors, it will make a significant difference.

Signs Your Shower Doors Need Replacing

Did you know there are a few telltale signs to let you know it is time to replace your shower door? If you don’t know what they are, just continue reading.

  1. Visible damage: Is the glass door splitting or chipping? Are you seeing any other flaws? Yes, manufacturers fabricate these doors using high-quality glass that’s extremely durable. Then again, everything wears away with time, and the same goes for these doors. If you come across signs of brittleness, you’ll know the door will turn into a safety hazard sooner rather than later. Flawed shower doors need replacing as soon as possible.
  1. Water leakage: As soon as you walk out of the shower area, do you see a lot of water on the floor outside? The presence of puddles proves that the sealing agent is no longer effective. Also, those puddles will be a slipping hazard for everyone, especially for children and senior members of the family. You may be wondering whether you can get the door resealed or not.Only a professional shower door replacement company will be able to tell you what you need.
  1. Not opening or shutting: Does the shower door make a lot of noise when you open or close? Can you close it all the way, or does a small portion of it remain open? These signs prove that you’re in dire need of a replacement. Doors won’t open or shut properly or make a lot of noise while doing so because the tract and framing on the glass door don’t work any longer due to constant wear and tear.
  1. A rusty frame: Most manufacturers of shower doors usually paint the frame and even treat it. However, these preventative measures will never guarantee that the door will last till the end of time. Nothing can stand up to corrosion caused by water. If the metal fitting starts displaying signs of rust, you should get rid of the old door and get a new one, preferably a frameless variant.
  1. The presence of mold: Are there any stains on the door? Do they look dark green or black? Then it’s a mold of some kind. Of course, you should prioritize getting rid of the mold as soon as possible, but you also need to know that it’ll return within a short time. If you want a better, more effective and long-term solution, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the door replaced.
  1. Unable to clean: Deposits caused by hard water aren’t as dangerous as mold, but they can be quite a nuisance. Besides, if you always take measures to keep the bathroom in tip-top condition at all times, hard water deposits will prevent you from achieving the results you seek. A new shower door will, however, take the aesthetic standards of your bathroom to a whole new level.

Types Of Shower Door Replacements

As you can see, the best option is to get the shower door replaced, especially if you’re already noticing the signs described above. If you’re ready to hire a professional Bucks County shower door replacement company, you’ll need to decide on the kind of door you should use.

  1. Quadrant door: The quadrant shower door is perfect for a bathroom featuring European designs. You can fit these into any one of the corners of your bathroom that you prefer.
  1. Square door: You may consider installing square doors only if you have enough space to spare. As long as you can satisfy these requirements, square-shaped shower doors will amplify your bathroom décor beyond all expectations.
  1. Rectangular door: As already mentioned above, square doors need a lot of space, but if you have even more to spare, you should definitely look into rectangular shower doors. There are a few people out there who want to have as much room as possible at their disposal to move around while bathing. If you’re one of them, rectangular shower doors and enclosures are perfect for you.
  1. Frameless doors: When it comes to Shower doors replacement for homes, there isn’t anything better than a frameless variant. First of all, it can stand up to all the problems described above that affect conventional shower doors profoundly. Secondly, if your bathroom features contemporary designs, a frameless shower door will blend in perfectly. Thirdly, you’ll get a minimalistic appearance combined with spaciousness and airiness.
  1. Hinged doors: Almost all modern shower cubicles have a hinged door, and if you want a frameless one, you’ll surely get it. Manufacturers create the enclosures, as well as the doors specifically for those who are in love with the trend of minimalism. They operate using hinges instead of the pivoting points you come across on pivot doors.
  1. Sliding doors: As the name implies, these doors open side-to-side, and they’re appropriate for bathrooms lacking a lot of space. You can even customize the entire enclosure, regardless of the shower design you prefer.
  1. Splash enclosure: If you’ve been going through this guide from the beginning, then you know all about the problems associated with them. While frameless variants can solve most of the problems, you can ditch the door entirely by going for a glass splash enclosure.
  1. Door for the tub: Not everyone is in favor of showers. A lot of folks out there prefer lying down in a bathtub full of warm water before leaving for work or after returning home. Now, for bathtubs, most people opt for curtains, but if you’re in love with glass doors, consider installing one along the upper edge of the tub.

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to shower doors and signs that your current doors are deteriorating, it’s time to get searching.  Look for a reputable, recognized, and experienced Bucks County Shower Door Replacement company, like the ones you see on this page. You’ll increase the overall value of your property in doing so and even get rid of an outdated door that doesn’t do what it should anymore.

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