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Bucks County Tree Work

Did you know that in 2016, a man from Bucks County had to pay $260,000 in fines for cutting preserved trees? You can imagine the importance of trees in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. That is why it is not a good option to cut, trim, or prune the trees on your own.

Without looking at the job safety and other considerations, you should consult with a professional tree cutting and trimming service provider in the city, just for the legal reasons. A professional tree servicing and maintenance specialist will know which trees are preserved and which are not. This is especially important if your property is blessed with old trees present before you moved here.

So, we would suggest that you get in touch with our chosen Bucks County tree service and maintenance experts for the ideal results. But before you do that, let’s brush up some basic things you need to know before calling the experts.

Difference between Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are two different things, and they are exercised for different reasons.

Tree Trimming
Trimming a tree is widely related to its appearance and aesthetic appeal. Trees grow on all sides, which make it appear messy and not very graceful. With pruning, the professionals will cut off the uneven leaves and branches to give some sort of symmetry to the tree.

Furthermore, they give a better shape to the tree so that it embellishes your house and does not look like an odd duck.

Tree Pruning
Tree pruning is focused on the tree’s future health by maintaining its appearance and overall health. Trees are exposed to all sorts of pests and diseases, and if not checked, the infection can spread further and infect the other trees in the yard.

Pruning is especially necessary if you have a commercial business based on trees and their products. In that case, a single infection can damage the entire cover. So, pruning takes care of these things like removing the diseased and dead tree parts to stop the infection from spreading.

However, not everyone can practice tree pruning. There are dedicated tree health experts called arborists, who understand tree biology and have the intellect to suggest the right course of action for a tree’s future health.

Lastly, you might also want to consider services like tree cutting, which is exactly as it sounds. The tree cutters will first analyze the overgrowing and expanding parts of the tree and cut them to ensure that they do not fall on power lines.

Also, if a tree needs to be cut from the root and the stump also needs to be removed, you must first know the rules pertaining to the tree species and the process.

All in all, every kind of tree service and maintenance job requires you to consult experts from Bucks County who know regulations and their job perfectly well.

What is the Right Time for Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Cutting?

The time of the year for tree pruning and trimming lies between late fall and early spring. So, you can say that the time when all the leaves have shed once and they are just starting to grow back, that is the best time to do these exercises.

There is a reason behind this, and it has to do with the tree’s blooming potential. Trees bloom in spring, so pruning and trimming before the bloom period arrives will not obstruct the bloom potential.

As far as cutting is concerned, it must be done as per the need and the tree’s present condition. Trees that fall down or break halfway due to a storm, electricity, or any other natural calamity, need to be treated with promptness and expertise.

You will find that the tree experts that we have will reach the emergency spot with all the required equipment to do a perfect job.

Qualities of Ideal Service Professionals and Vendors

You must choose the right person or contractor for the job to get the best results. We have chosen the experts based on some parameters. Only a service provider that has all the required qualities and more will do the right job.

24/7 Emergency:
Trees are susceptible to fall at any moment during the day or night. Something they fall on the roof while other times they might obstruct the road or even tangle between the wires. So, a tree expert must be available 24/7 to remove the tree from the premises effectively.

Are they licensed:
Always ask the vendors beforehand about their license and the qualifications of the team.

Insurance Coverage:
Do not work with a vendor that does not show the proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Both of these types of insurance are essential to protect your property and the workers who are working on your land.

Equipment and Safety Gear:
Where tree trimming and cutting do not require much arsenal, tree cutting is the real deal. It needs chainsaws, cranes, stump grinders, and transport trucks. Plus, the tree cutters who will be climbing up the tree will also need to wear an adequate amount of safety gear. So, ask your vendor if they have the tools and the protective gear.

Services Offered:
Go for a vendor that provides comprehensive services. This includes tree cutting, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, land clearing, arborist services, and tree planting.

Should I even hire a Professional Tree Planting Service?

Yes, as much as fun and noble tree planting is, it is equally complex and detail-oriented. That is why you need to get a tree expert by your side before planting.

They will help you understand the intricacies of planting the tree to get optimal growth and longevity. Furthermore, proper planting means you will be able to avoid air circulation, infestations, and the spreading of the disease.

To sum it up

Getting help from a tree expert for any kind of job will work for your benefit as it will help you enjoy the tree’s shade and fruits for a long time. So, we suggest that you get in touch with our experts listed above and get assured tree care services at your doorstep easily.

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