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Bucks County Invisible Fence:

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Bucks County Invisible Fence

As a responsible pet owner, there is always the concern that your animal will leave your property.  There are dangers in the world outside of your home.  Other animals, cars going too fast on your road, and let’s not talk about those nefarious people who take animals for not so nice reasons.  Bucks County invisible fences can help protect your animals from these dangerous events. 

According to one estimate, more than 1.3 million dogs lose their lives to accidents, and petnapping is another risk that poses a threat to your beloved canine. The technology involved in invisible fences provides safety to your pet a dn puts your mind at ease.  An invisible fence provides safety while keeping your yard open and free of visible obstacles.  You’ve taken the time to find the perfect Bucks County pet sitter, now it’s time to find the perfect Bucks County invisible fence company.

Invisible Fence Fundamentals

Invisible fencing is installed underground at the edges of your yard.  It is connected to an electronic collar that your canine wears around its neck.  The collar is a simple, comfortable collar - don’t worry!  When your dog gets near the installed fence, it will signal the dog to stay away from the chosen boundary.

  1. First, the beep is issued.  It is followed by a message that comes in the form of a shock.  Notably, this enforces rules and behavior that your dog will learn with time and training.  Pets get comfortable with the invisible electric fence.  Training can take somewhere from 2-3 weeks in daily sessions of 15 minutes.
  2. During this training period your pet will begin to learn and adapt to the change.  Puppies can use an invisible fence from as early as eight weeks.  Training can be shorter or longer depending on your pet’s intelligence and breed.
  3. Many new invisible fences are equipped with a wireless and GPS- based technology.  Your canine will stay in a wireless area or within a GPS radius connected to a smart collar.  This allows more freedom for your pet and more convenience for you.

Although many may not agree with the shock given to their pet during the training process, it is effective and doesn’t hurt the pet too much.  Once learned, the pet will avoid going far enough to get shocked.

Bucks County Invisible Fence Benefits


Traditional wood fences are common in many Bucks County communities, however this is a costly option.  An invisible fence typically costs 40-80% less than a traditional fence.  The materials used to fence in an area are very expensive.

When you consider the materials needed to construct a traditional fence, versus what is required for an invisible fence, you’ll understand what it means when we say it is cost-effective.  Traditional fences, let’s look and chain link fences.  You’ll need to purchase and install posts roughly 6 feet apart, purchase and run the chain link fence between the posts.  In addition to the materials, you’ll also have to pay for the labor.  Installing those posts can take a while depending on how big the perimeter is.  Invisible fences require technology to be installed every 3-4 inches, but that is it.  No additional materials, labor is not as extensive, and it looks like a beautiful open yard.

An invisible fence costs, on average, starts at around $200.  The majority of brands offer extensive invisible fence guarantees and warranties.  On average, a 1 year money back guarantee is offered.

Easy To Install And Durable

Unlike traditional fences, invisible fences can be installed just about anywhere without regard to harsh terrain with challenging weather.  The pieces of the invisible fence can be installed 3-4 inches apart, in the ground.  There is no manual laborious maintenance involved with invisible fences either.  With traditional fences, restaining and painting need to be done on a regular basis in order to keep everything looking nice. 


Breeds like the Ibizan, Wolfhound, and Greyhound, can easily jump over a six foot high traditional fence.  Even common dogs like a rottweiler or even a Boxer can jump that high.  A physical barrier like a traditional fence will not hinder a pet when they want to get out!  The invisible fence does not have this problem.  In addition to jumping the fence issue, you are also protecting your pet from wandering off and getting hit by a car or stolen.  All of these things can cause major damage to not only the physical health of your pet but it can possibly break your heart and wallet at the same time.

Intruders may also be wary of coming to your home when they see an open yard and your pet playing in the front.  It will deter intruders and keep your home and your family more safe than a traditional fence.

Aesthetic Appeal

A chain-linked fence or wooden fence is not something that is very pleasing to the eye.  It can possibly obstruct your views while sitting in the back yard or make the curb appeal of your home not look so good. 

Time Saved

We all know that time is money.  Installing a traditional fence vs. an invisible fence means a savings of almost an entire week.  Traditional fences can take up to six days to install.  The install includes trenching, planning, nailing boards, rolling wire and laying posts.  Whereas an invisible fence can be installed in as little as one day, at most two. 

Invisible Fence For Your Pet And Overall Aesthetic

By selecting an invisible fence over a traditional fence you are not only saving money, but time as well.  It will make you a more responsible pet owner as you are taking their safety into consideration when it comes to fencing solutions.  An invisible fence is a reliable, durable, and smart way to train your pet and keep them safe.  With training, your dog will adapt to their limitations.  An invisible fence is easy to use and the newer technology allows you and your dog more freedom.  AgentsAdvise has selected a few of the top invisible fence companies in Bucks County so that you do not need to search for the perfect  one.  The companies we have listed here are local, vetted, and realtor recommended to handle all of your invisible fence needs.

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